MV Weekly: String & Wind, happy little cat

String & Wind 弦风二重奏 – RìZè 日昃

Psychedelic world music duo consisting of string instrumentalist Li Xing (of Red Scarf) and wind instrumentalist Zhang Meng, bring their swirling blend of academic compositions and improvisational meanderings to motion picture life thanks to video artist Yoshiko Fudo. The Shanghai-based duo frenzied blend of genres is the perfect outlet for the ‘trip’ that is Fudo’s partially animated video. Expect a full release via Badhead later this year. 

迷幻味道的世界音乐乐队弦风二重奏,由吉他手李星(红领巾乐队)和笙演奏者张梦二人组成。感谢于与影像艺术家Yoshiko Fudo的合作,这部作品将他们的学术创作和即兴表达融合到动态的影像中。这对上海组合几近疯狂般地融合了多种风格于创作中,完成了对这部预告视频《旅程/Trip》的完美呈现。预计今年晚些时候将通过Badhead发布该视频的完整版本。

happy little cat – #meisoverparty

Nothing sums up quarantine life better than this hilarious, bittersweet, and disco throwback from Guangzhou bedroom pop duo happy little cat. Stitched together with cats videos of all nature, forever stuck in the motions of life, alongside the venomous self-deprecating lyrics that feel like a glimpse into someone’s personal KTV breakdown – it’s all kinds of brilliant.

没有什么比这支来自广州的卧室流行曲风二人组合happy little cat所带来的搞怪欢闹、苦乐参半和迪斯科复古的音乐更能概括这段隔离期生活的了。将日常生活中各种关于猫咪的素材视频剪辑在一起,永远沉浸在生活的节奏中,再加上恶毒的自嘲歌词,感觉如同一睹了某人一个人在KTV垮塌的演绎一般——简直了,绝了!

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