MV Weekly: Stolen, CMCB

Stolen 秘密行动 – Enter The Gap 

Chengdu renegades Stolen whose atmospheric, kinetic darkwave, almost gothic, take on post-punk has made them one of the scene’s most unique bands returns with the visually ambitious music video for their single ‘Enter The Gap’. Directed by Formol, it takes the band’s abstract angular red logo and turns it into a symbol utilized, idolized and twisted in one itself by various groups and communities in the city –  subtly linking the strife (hence the ‘gap’) between the old and new, the rich and poor, fashion and tradition, right and wrong and in essence capturing the nature of present day China. Hell of a concept that directed and filmed with real gravity. 

CMCB – Eight Arm City 八臂哪吒城

Looking to Beijing’s former name as the Eight-armed Nezha City (the number of arms needed to subdue the vicious dragons in the bitter sea waste) long-standing nu-metal outfit CMCB look back at their home, and the struggles that came with it’s creation and evolution over time, looking to find meaning and drive in the city’s constant shifts and it’s residents’ countless sufferings. With a keen eye for history and myth, the music video and lyrics depict a Beijing that’s been through the grinder, and despite all of that, still finds the glory and embroilment in those sprouting roots. All set to the band’s signature sound – updated of course for the times as they veer into ‘trap metal’ territory (or ‘nu-Djent’ for those looking for something more specific). 

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