MV Weekly: Steely Heart, Struggle Session

Steely Heart 钢心 – Dragon King 龙王 

Three years after Beijing electro-rock stalwarts Steely Heart, known for their surly, anthemic and incredibly catchy tunes, released their single ‘Dragon King’, the band expected to drop their new album and hit the road for an epic nationwide tour, drop the official music video. In appropriate fashion, the band members find themselves on a drunken tour through the streets, alleyways, and lakes of Beijing with their imaginary friend and partner in crime, the Dragon King, a stand-in for the little devil on all our shoulders who propels us into the long night.

Struggle Session – First World Problems

Shot at the Melbourne Bowling Club, the oldest lawn bowls club in the southern hemisphere and one of the city’s best kept secrets, the Beijing-based fastcore band are at their deadpan finest, having a leisurely afternoon of day drinking and ball games while roasting, in their trademark guttural screams and razor blade guitars, the ‘privileged c—ts’ out there. The band are putting the final touches on their newest LP, Sudamérica Ruido y Amor, before they head overseas for yet another madcap tour – this time across North American and Mexico. So we can most definitely expect another MV from these cats soon enough. 

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