MV Weekly: South Acid Mimi, Gum Bleed

South Acid Mimi 南方酸性咪咪 – Lucy in the Sky with Dolphin

A trip down memory lane with Kunming’s South Acid Mimi and their new single, cheekily named ‘Lucy in the Sky with Dolphin’. It’s an absurdly kooky track – which as noted in the press release by producer Li Qing sounds like a Jia Zhangke shot cyberpunk cabaret (the Wang Ziheng saxophone wailing really drives it home). As for the MV – it’s essentially a deep dive into the trio’s cell phones over the past five years – from their first summer tour to recording in the studio in Beijing – and every silly moment in between. Cute. 

Gum Bleed 牙龈出血 – No One Really Cares 无人在意

One of Beijing’s most prominent punk bands and my personal favorite are Gum Bleed, who has been going strong for nearly fourteen years. Originally from Shijiazhuang, the band has performed just about everywhere – from Europe to the far reaches of China, bringing their spirited impassioned brand of punk with them. They’re back with a new single – a rallying call to weather the storm an

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