MV Weekly: Snapline, Struggle Session


Snapline – Fall 

Directed by Li Kaiwen and starring chameleon artist/musician Gao Jiagfeng as the masked interloper – a cross between Watchmen’s Rorschach and Sam Raimi’s Darkman, the music video isn’t for the faint of the heart. A blood-drenched, purple-hued noir grindhouse shot with reverence for the genre, it’s a nasty piece of business made the more unsettling by the jaded guitar chords and Chen Xi’s pitch-wavering vocals.  It’s graphic and gory and somehow passed the Chinese censor lords and that’s a feat in itself, considering there is full-on face-peeling here. Juicy stuff.


Struggle Session – W085

Beijing’s hardcore regulars continue their reign of auditory destruction with their latest timebomb of a music video – ‘W085’. Off of the band’s split release with Sao Paulo grindcore band T.E.S.T, the video stars  Yu Yang (known to most as the singer of punk band Xiao Wang) as a poker-faced Chinese public school student who phases out her mundane routine that is life with the band’s track, whose members hilariously accompany her  throughout her day, before she finds solace at Beijing’s punk HQ – School Bar.

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