MV Weekly: Snapline, Acid Accident

Snapline – TheAnswerS#3

There’s a lot of excitement around Snapline’s forthcoming album Shou Hua, set to drop this week. A lot of that derives from the fact that singer Chen Xi has settled in Washington State for several years now, meaning the release of their third album has taken some time. To appease our anticipation, the post punk band dropped this wonder of a music video shot by the Greek Shoot Jack crew. Covering everything from suicide to sewer lids all blurred together by images of the city and circular shapes of all ilk, it’s a strange beast for sure, which makes it that much more alluring. 

Acid Accident 酸性事件 – Intro/事件1

There’s been a lot of talk of DDC’s new space out in Aranya. Plenty of Instgram-worthy pictures of the place, and lots of talk of its location in a enclosed resort, but this is the first video inkling I’ve seen thus far. Shot by the one and only 69 in a special reheraseal space, it’s a fine introduction to one of Beijing’s hardest working bands this year – the post rock groovers Acid Accident whose ‘brand of explosively alluring and technically groovetastic instrumental rock have made them one of the year’s best live acts’ who spent a week at the beach community back in September.

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