MV Weekly: SMZB, Hell City

SMZB 生命之饼 – 满江红

Seminal Wuhan punk outfit SMZB return with their new single, “满江红” and with it, an accompanying music video directed by SMZB’s lead singer himself Wu Wei. Shot in China’s vast grasslands and red deserts with Wu Wei as our downtrodden cowboy it immediately brings to mind the Spaghetti Western of yesteryears while forging its own rustic path across China’s landscape and history. Expect SMZB’s new album Oriental Past 东方往事 to emerge later this year. 

Hell City – New Age

One of Beijing’s premier punk bands – Hell City – known for their old school street punk sound and their jagged mohawk – weather the storm both literally and figuratively in their song ‘New Age’ which laments on the trails of being a punk in this day and age. Shot in both Japan (where the band toured a couple of years back) and School Bar – it features the band strutting their stuff holding onto the hope of a new era of punk.

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