MV Weekly: Shining Soundscapes, White Papers

Shining Soundscapes Documentary 大地有光——闪灵艺术氛围企划

Shining Soundscape – the new multi-media series taking the Beijing scene by storm – an artistic performance that combines both digital painting and music live in a way in which the two mediums feedback to one another – gets its origin story in this short documentary. Including extensive interviews with the duo behind the movement – Dann Gaymer and Nan Guazi of Guiguisuisui fame. It’s an informative, history-filled piece that explores the evolution of Guiguisuisui over the years, particularly their recent fascination with blurring the line between music and art, between illustrator and novice, and between audience and artist – proof again that Beijing still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

The White Papers 白皮书乐队 – 老鼠

Rising Beijing post-punk outfit The White Paper utilizes the mania present at the infamous Temple Bar for the setting of their music video for their single ‘Rat’ off of their debut released back in November. Paying tribute to the bombastic and more electronically-propelled sounds of Manchester in the 1980s, the band offers a more melodic and easily digestible brand of post-punk that still manages to pack a punch as evident in here, where the venue is made to look like a fun house of sorts, complete with a rodent cameo. Digging the DIY approach to it.

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