MV Weekly: Sense Print Shop, Running Blue

Sense Print Shop 涂闻打印店 –  Water Clean Night 水清夜

One of the most exciting new bands to pop up on my radar this year is Kunming’s Sense Print Shop – bringing with them a simmering jangly synth pop sound that feels like it could have emerged from the UK in the late 80s or early 90s. Sardonic and tender all at once, they’ve got a forthcoming release with SJ Records. Their first single comes with a music video capturing the band’s wavy aesthetic and a southern China demeanor – a song based on the frontman’s encounter with a school of fish in Tokyo.

Running Blue – Waves

Shanghai based duo, Running Blue, consisting of vocalist Liang Huang Gui and producer Yin Hao, dropped their latest LP Waves – full of the bands signature daydreamt melody of trip hop, dream pop, and downtempo indietronica – last week and they’ve put together a video for their title track. Riding a current of washed-out vocals, emotive guitar chords and hypnotic synths, the video showcases the bands other creative impulses – mainly that of photography, capturing the band’s sound via moody imagery and neon-soaked colors.

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