MV Weekly: Second Hand Rose, Queen Sea Big Shark, Skip Skip Ben Ben


As the Year of the Monkey inches closer and closer, why not start that vacation early and indulge in the greatest traditional past time – watching the tube until your eye balls go bloodshot. Well, maybe let’s not take it to those extremes. Instead, take a smoke break and give your attention to three wildly different MVs from three of scene’s best acts, including Second Hand Rose, Queen Sea Big Shark, and Skip Skip Ben Ben.

Queen Sea Big Shark kick off the new year with a video for their vigorous anthem, ‘Mammoth’, released two years ago, but finally getting the MV treatment now. And it’s friggin adorable. Old folks get their due as their featured front and center doing everyday activities much regulated to our generation. Pounding brews, skateboarding, and swiping right on the latest dating app, the video has a lot of fun giving nana a chance to get that tattoo she always wanted.

Taiwan lo-fi shoegaze indie folk artist Skip Skip Ben Ben, once a staple of the XP/D22 scene here in Beijing, released their much anticipated Mirror in Mirror, a month back, and with a host of videos and media to help promote the new release. Most impressive however may be the animated MV for ‘Do The R’ – a beautifully realized piece of animation that’s drifts though madhat situations and psychedelic visuals with stoned ease.

Beijing crosstalk folk rock legends Second Hand Rose takes one of their sound and aesthetic even further for, ‘Allow Some Artists To Get Rich First’, an exhibition held in art district 798, named after the hit single off of the band’s self-titled debut. \’Silk World 纱界\’ gives the band and lead singer Liang Long an electronic make over fit for a club. The visuals are provided by Light Bunker and overall, the video feels like a fine warmup for whatever Liang Long and company have up their sleeve next.

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