MV Weekly: Schoolgirl Byebye, Sound Fragment

Schoolgirl Byebye – Lonely We Die 

Schoolgirl ByeBye – the Nanjing trio known for their pulpy indie pop that touches upon everything from reverb-heavy dream pop to scrappy noise rock – returned this month with two new single in support of their China tour which kicked off last week. The band seems more comfortable hitting on more somber topics, even if the melodies are still brisk as ever – such is the case with ‘Lonely We Die’ – a song that finds the band waxing on loneliness and death. Inspired by the death of a longtime friend, the music video finds solace in the meditative recreational sport of surfing, following our band members on a beachside surfing jaunt.

Sound Fragment 声音碎片 – To My Confused Buddy 致我的迷茫兄弟

One of China’s most highly regarded bands, Sound Fragment, returned this month with a new album – their first in ten years – and fans are up in arms. With it, came the release of their MV for single ‘Tom My Confused Buddy’ – directed by BADHEAD label head Zhang Xiaozhou. He took a team to singer Ma Yulong’s hometown of Panzhihua – located in the Dalian Mountains of Sichuan – and found the city a shell of its former self. Yet the town, one of the country’s largest steel-making centers, has transformed the barren land into something else – a city of high-rising smokestacks, wind farms, and mountain-gutting roads. It’s an all too common image – one that has become the face of modern China. And yet, beneath it all, the dignity and resilience of the locals have retained the spirit of the region. Just try not to get choked up by the images of smiling children.

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