MV Weekly: Schoolgirl Byebye, SMZB

SMZB 生命之饼 – Pearl of the Orient 东方之珠

Wuhan’s SMZB takes a shot at the powers that be in their pungent cover of the famous song ‘Pearl of the Orient’ – a 1991 hit song from Lo Ta-yu that three decades later still resonates with many Hong Kongers who feel anxious about the city’s future. So for one of China’s most outspoken punk bands to cover it is truly something, and combined with the black and white video footage makes its point loud and proud. Expect SMZB’s new album ‘Once Upon a Time in the East’ to drop in. the coming month. 

Schoolgirl Byebye – 不合格女孩

Nanjing’s Schoolgirl Byebye have a knack for crafting tight indie pop songs that buzz with sun-baked city pop charm. On top of that, the band has excelled at assembling ramshackle homemade music videos that showcase the band’s core couple leisurely enjoying the finer pleasures of life (the song lyrics depict the drummer’s school days). In this case, a sunny vacation complete with surfing and Corona (the beer kind). 

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