MV Weekly: Schoolgirl Byebye, Little Happiness Group

Schoolgirl Byebye – Dog Person

While I must admit to being a ‘cat person’ there’s no getting around how adorable Schoolgirl Byebye’s love letter to their dog Alang is. The Nanjing dream pop trio, who won the 2016 Best Newcomer Award from Douban, returned this summer after taking a break to bring a child into the world. Wiser, more mature, and wistful all the same, they’ve been preparing the release of their debut album ‘No Romantics in China’ due out this month. ‘Dog Person’ is the first single – just a simple, tender, unpretentious ode to raising a dog, and just perhaps a parallel to raising a child.

Little Happiness Group – Slow Hot Wind

Led by vocalist Voision Xi, a well known jazz singer in Shanghai, the Little Happiness Group, are a buoyant, breezy, and lively jazz outfit filled with some the scene’s best jazz players who put contemporary stylish spins to songs first made famous by Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Nick Drake, and more. Case in point: “Slow Hot Wind” (original named “Lujon”), Herny Mancini’s classic 1961 composition which was first released on the soundtrack to Mr. Lucky Goes Latin. Combined with Xi’s sultry voice and Xiongguan’s imaginative arrangements, it really is a fine vibrant number.

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