MV Weekly: Running Blue, Los Crasher

Running Blue – Waves

Shanghai based duo, Running Blue, consisting of vocalist Liang Huang Gui and producer Yin Hao, dropped their latest LP Waves – full of the bands signature daydreamt melody of trip hop, dream pop, and downtempo indietronica – last week and they’ve put together a video for their title track. Riding a current of washed-out vocals, emotive guitar chords and hypnotic synths, the video showcases the bands other creative impulses – mainly that of photography, capturing the band’s sound via moody imagery and neon-soaked colors.

Los Crasher 不速之客 – The Only Redemption 唯一的救赎

Beijing based Los Crasher solidified their love for classic rock, Westerns and big wheels on their latest opus ‘The Only Redemption’. Directed by Nan Tian and shot in Inner Mongolia, it’s a fine assembly of images that evoke the band’s tight-leaned classic rock sound. I mean how can I say no to a video where a bunch of rockers are transported to the hinterlands, play a twelve-string guitar on a moving vehicle ala Mad Max, have a Sergio Leone evoking standoff, and jet around on Harleys. Simultaneously the goofiest and coolest thing that you could imagine.

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