MV Weekly: Run Run Run, Chaos Kills The Pain

Run Run Run – HOON 

Guiyang raised, Beijing-based psychedelic jam outfit Run Run Run, dropped their long-anticipated debut album today. To tease the release which ‘fuses vivid minimal chord odysseys, psychedelic menace, and the jangly pop finesse into mellowed-out grooves and layers of freewheeling guitar dissonance that can easily sweep you away’ the band dropped a video for their title track HOON (also the album’s shortest track by a stretch). Inspired and named after the roar of a plane, it’s a leisurely snitched together music video that follows a plane’s ascent into the limitless and vast sky, floating alongside the faint low engine ‘roar’ of the plane. 

Chaos Kills The Pain 混乱止痛 – Black Hole 怪物

An impassioned rallying call against social norms, Beijing hardcore outfit CKTP (Chaos Kills The Pain) bring a nu-metal hip-hop flavor to their latest single Black Hole, which looks to blast back against society’s decaying values amongst our increased reliance on media and online statuses. Shot in the near pitch black amongst the streets of Beijing, it’s DIY in the best possible way – full of vindictive rage and scrawny ‘in your face’ attitude that has more swagger than half of the entire rap scene. 

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