MV Weekly: RUBAR, Second Hand Rose

RUBAR – The Carcass

Shanghai shoegaze stalwarts Rubar bring their reverb drenched sound to the Indie Music Studio in Hangzhou which has been providing bands as of late with some kick ass music videos (as well as live music videos for many bands passing through the city). So while it’s a solid visual representation for the band (I certainly want to see them live now) it’s moreso killer promo for the studio. 

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰 – Birth To Bloom 我要开花

Miss Puff the live action film based on the hit animated series which explored the social mores of a doe-eyed upper class freelancer looking for love in the consumer playground of Beijing (ala Sex and the City) is kick starting the promotion train before the film hits screens for Chinese New Year. One of the first singles from the forthcoming film is from none other than Beijing’s own opera-esque art rockers Second Hand Rose. As per usual, the music video is essentially a montage of the film and gotta say it looks lame as all hell (and resolves around a passport?). 

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