MV Weekly: Round Eye, Cephalosis


Round Eye – Do The Drumpf

Shanghai rock and roll ruffians Round Eye are no stranger to stirring up controversy and taking on issues left and right with irreverent glee. Their latest music video ‘Do The Drumpf’ sets their targets on the one and only and it’s as outlandish, dissonant, and shocking as anything the band has done in the past (shout-out to director Alessio Avezzano) and most importantly, a heck ton of dirty fun. The track is one of two songs to be digitally released on Joey Shithead of DOA’s Vancouver-based Sudden Death Records – a compilation and celebration of the second anniversary of the death of common sense in the USA. Sign me up. 


Cephalosis – World Tour 

The Kunming-based cold wave, synth post-industrial duo has slowly been making a name for themselves since they formed in 2016. The band’s abstract sound palette finds ample visual representation in the music video for ‘World Tour’ – the closing track on their forthcoming debut album, due out in January on Ruby Eye Records. Shot on grainy iPhone video it’s as DIY as they come – but it fits well with the band’s mysterious, unnerving, and alluring aesthetics, reflected quite literally through the use of a fragmented mirror.  

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