MV Weekly: Round Eye, A Bu, Demerit


Punk deviants hit the road in Europe, young piano virtuosos hits stardom, and a nightmarish version of the red, white, and blue courtesy of Shanghai fire starters – it’s our latest batch of MVs to make the way including the latest from Demerit, A Bu, and Round Eye. Enjoy!


Doo-wop, saxophone wielding party rockers Round Eye, out of Shanghai, bring their latest visual opus and it’s a keeper. Vulgar, offensive, and downright hilarious the MV for ‘Billy’ shot by regular Shanghai video maverick Alessio Avezzano of Live Circus (check out Round Eye’s other MV to get a sense of the man’s skills), is the perfect indictment of the American right wing groupthink – and twists that sad reality into a horrific, grotesque, exaggeration of itself (which in many ways was already an exaggeration from the get-go). So yeah – that means you’re getting zombie Muslims, circle jerking KKK members, midget Donald Trump, and dog urination as a means of police initiation. This isn’t high art, but boy is it glorious and imaginative in it’s madhouse perversion of American tropes. Bravo.

Beijing-based piano prodigy A Bu gets put up on a pedestal by his peers and mentors in the this capturing the excitement and pride on hand at the seventeen-year-old artist’s first ever listening party (a week after recording in Berlin) for his just released Butterflies Fly In Paris, which features original compositions from the virtuoso. Just love the fatherly (and possibly selfish) love from folks. Lets hope A Bu gets his head afloat. Also, check out this twenty minute documentary about A Bu.

Demerit, Beijing’s veteran street punk outfit, continue spreading the good punk sermon around the world, as the band recently returned from a European tour, which saw them brushing shoulders with some of the continent’s punk scene. And it wouldn’t be a overseas tour without a little footage to go with those memories. The video kicks off with an episodic story about the band’s pinhead mascot getting his shit together in the countryside of Germany before diving into tour footage of the band having a blast. There’s a slightly longer version which involves our pinhead mascot getting drugged and getting down and dirty with a bar patron. Skull pinhead is all sorts of trouble.

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