MV Weekly: Re-TROS, Mimik Banka

Before The Applause – Re-TROS Europe Tour Full Documentary


Last fall Re-TROS, one of Modern Sky’s staple bands (fifteen years strong) made international waves when they had the honor to go on tour with seminal UK outfit Depeche Mode. It was a game-changing experience for the band, who never before played to such crowds. In many ways, it was the band’s belated global coming out party and Geek Shoot Jack was there to capture the nerve wrecking and ultimately enlightening tour. Directed by Zhang Jinglei with the Geek Shoot Jack team, the half hour documentary is a fascinating look at all the perspectives of a band breaking through to the West.

MimikBanka – A Love Story


Continuing the theme of Chinese bands finding new audiences in the West, last year MimikBanka (formerly 16 mins) were invited to Germany for the International Berlin Interfilm Festival, a prominent international short film festival. There the band performed live over a short film. The band smartly used the opportunity to soak in the landscape and culture as well as work on their music. It’s a quaint little documentary that utilizes expertly the band’s music.EndFragment

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