MV Weekly: Plug It In, Elephant House

‘Plug It In’ 我只插电 x Channel R 

Time to extend some love toward Channel R (out of Datese Studios) and their ‘Plug It In’ series which places artists in a tailor made ‘music cube’ which has all sorts of bells and whistles. Each artist they place in there gets their own interpretation of their song via wacky camera angles, lights and other tricks of the trade and so far, the series has been putting out some killer takes. And of course with Cosmic Project, the electronic world music duo made of Boxuan (of Nova Heart) on sitar and Yanlo (of Queen Sea Big Shark/Casino Demon) on synths, you go full on hippie-mode. Recommend also checking out Lows0n’s ravenous track as well as the Howie Lee and Jason You team-up. 

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Elephant House 大象房间 Season 2

Another video series I’ve been digging into is Elephant House –  a live show and interview series that puts some of the scene’s most beloved bands and lets them belt out a few numbers in a white space before a candid interview with host Li Yu. The second season launched late last month and it centers around bands named after animals, such as the above one from Birdstriking – whose set features the band’s best tracks from their last album. Afterwards, the acts – which also includes j-fever (little tiger), Queen Sea Big Shark and Mr. Deer this season, all give interviews in and around the band’s natural habitat and namesake (i.e zoo, aquarium). Digging the concept, digging the sets, and already making my way back to season one. 

Dig into their catalogue:

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