MV Weekly: P.K.14, Sparrow

P.K.14 – Bad Timing 不合时宜

Shot over the Mid-Autumn Festival by director Cai Xiaoling and Touching Studio, the video for seminal post punk godfather P.K14’s ‘Bad Timing’ acts as both a captivating profile piece and an eloquently shot MV that follows young martial artist Wang Bingbing. And while the creators did want to reveal too much behind the meaning or context of the music video, I think it speaks for itself especially when paired with Yang Haisong’s sublime lyrics. Truly breathtaking work done here. 

Sparrow 文雀 – Life Passes Like A Dream 浮生若梦 

Beijing post rock outfit Sparrow who have been a mainstay of the post rock scene for nearly a decade and who just began hitting their stride last year. As far as post rock goes, these guys are the real deal – intricately assembled arrangements that hit you in the gut. With an opening poem from Zhou Chen, the black and white shot music video uses the images alongside the coast to convey the ups and downs of the music – from chaos to calm. As always with post rock, the images fit quite well with the composition, painting a story with large strokes and stark images.  

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