MV Weekly: Osheyack and Nahash, Wu Wei

Osheyack and Nahash – The Heel

“Artist and designer Kim Laughton transforms ALL into a debauched pocket dimension, assaulting us with a relentless barrage of club detritus, discarded junk food, demonic club kids and an unfortunate Roomba that is very much out of its’ depth. Zooming in on the more surreal aspects of club excess, Laughton envisions the world of ‘The Heel’ as dark, messy and nightmarish, the hellish embodiment of over a year of lockdown-induced frustration. Just as Osheyack and Nahash seek to make tracks that smell of sweat and other bodily fluids, so too does the director revel in the filthiest aspects of clubbing, transporting us to a parallel universe where the only decisions are bad ones, but at least we get to make them.” (FACTmagazine)

Wu Wei 吴维 – Lovers’ Prattle for Donghu 東湖情歌

Punk takes on a new shape on the woozy late-night KTV stylized single from SMZB frontman Wu Wei, who pay tributes to and laments the changing landscape of his home Wuhan. A love letter to East Lake, ‘Lovers’ Prattle for Donghu’ brings in electronic artist Jiang Liang 蔣亮 for a stripped-down hip-hop beat, and accompanied by female vocals, presents a different, almost more modest, side of the renowned punk. Fret not though, Wei’s rallying spirit still shines bright as the singer paints an unflatteringly light on how the lake has gradually become a shell of its former self through political and economical forces, captured via a stream of photos, video clips, and WeChat messages which rely the lyrics.

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