MV Weekly: Nova Heart, Chacha x Jah Jah Way, Limousine


Jewelry regurgitation, Shanghai projects, and rooftop guitar straddling – it’s just another weekly prescription of music videos to get you through the week in one piece. Here’s the latest MVs from Nova Heart, Chacha and Jah Jah Way, and Limousine.

The luscious dark electro outfit Nova Heart, fronted by the enigmatic Helen Feng, goes for broke once again in their latest music video effort, ‘We Are Golden’. And once again I’m bewildered by the video’s content and underlying meaning, but good lord, do these images speak volumes. Like a David Lynchian mash up of Groundhog Day, Eyes Wide Shut, and dare I say, Labyrinth – it’s an intoxicating feast for the eyes and much like the song’s title, a perfect excuse to bring out the gold. My kind of twisted. Stellar work from director Jonathon Lim. The band is in the midst of a European tour now.

Shanghai and Beijing hip hop join forces in the striking sleek fresh single from Shanghai based vocalist Chacha and Jah Jah Way of the veteran (and consistently in trouble with the law) rap group IN3. The track, ‘Wei Cheng’, was recorded at the Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, Georgia courtesy of Converse (note the not so subtle plugs throughout the video) and is a gem of a song. Better yet is the way Shanghai is framed in the video – raw, sprawling, and vibrant, though not without its rustic pleasures.

Keeping on the theme of shots of bands sitting atop skyscrapers in Shanghai – a feat that would involve way to much red tape in the West, is the music video for ‘Soldier’ from Shanghai-based expat rock group Limousine. Off of their 2015 EP, Fire Grenades, it’s a hard rock anthem that mixes live studio footage with loving visual odes to Shanghai – skateboarding around the Bund and other various landmarks, and of course that goddamn rooftop money shot at the 2:30 mark which is just about the goofiest/most awesome thing ever. Gotta love China.

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