MV Weekly: Nouvelle, Barrel Barrel

Nouvelle – Baby, Don’t Be Too Sweet 宝贝,不要太甜

Guangzhou indie rockers Nouvelle, whose music sways between cathartic emo punk pop and reverb-heavy indie pop, dropped their debut Baby, Don’t Be Too Sweet last week and with it the MV for the album’s title track. Taking place in an electronic market amidst secondhand CDs and discounted televisions, the video sees the three members play out their infatuations in their mind (through movie troupes and stylings) and then recreate their fantasy girl in the real world using clay, magazine cut-outs and sketches. It’s twee, well shot and captures the adolescent exuberance and mentality of the young band.

Barrel Barrel 桶桶 – 无糖薄荷糖

Hailing from Qingdao, indie pop outfit Barrel Barrel owes as much to the breath of Japanese and Korean indie pop bands as they do to those spreading like wildfire across China. With crisp and buoyant instrumentation and its sweet-teaed featherlight vocals. Their song ‘Sugarfree Mints’ sung in Korean, looks at the contradictory absurdity of sugarfree mints, and the accompanying music video is a fine introduction to the bands spirited, refreshing and warm-hued world.

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