MV Weekly: Nine Treasures x Liberation, Bliss Illusion

Nine Treasures 九宝 and Liberation – Bodhicitta

Mongolian folk metal stalwarts Nine Treasures return with a new single, which finds the Beijing-based band teaming up with Hohhot metalcore band Liberation, who’s singer is the emotional cusp of the charged ‘Bodhicitta’ which has everyone firing on all cylinders. The track was included in a recent compilation put together by former Beijing folk metal band Tengger Cavalry (now based in New York) entitled Sound of the Raging Steppe which put together ‘six Mongolian and Kazakh folk-influenced heavy metal bands from Hohhot and Beijing who have come together to provide a stampede of horseback-heavy sound’. Best check that out.


Bliss Illusion 虚极乐队 – Singing Buddhist Scriptures into Heavy Metal 把佛经唱进重金属

Beijing post-black metal outfit, Bliss-Illusion, talk shop in this informative and personable profile on the band and it’s frontman Dryad who used the band as a way to connect links between Metal and Buddhism, eventually adding in Chinese Buddhist scriptures into their own songs. It’s a nice contrast to what we often expect metal to be or where we believe it stems from. Also — be sure to check out the new single from the band entitled “·極光淨天” (Leave·Abhassara – Deva), a ‘ritualesque emotional burst’ of metal that owes as much to shoegaze as it does to black metal and depressive rock. 

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