MV Weekly: New Pants, High Tone feat. Yehaiyahan


New Pants 新裤子 – The Last Band 最后的乐队

New Pants have been around just about forever – the seminal indie rockers, Modern Sky’s flagship band, have been making music for over twenty years and though the musical environment around them has drastically changed, they’ve still got it, even as they’ve become more nostalgic and sentimental over time. That notion is ever present in the band’s new single and music video – ‘The Last Band’ – which takes a look back at the band’s work and epic showmanship over the past two decades and even hints at the band’s possible departure in the near future. Not gonna lie — got a little chocked up – and damn, it’s great that their 2010 appearances at the Modern Sky Festival and The Creators Project made the cut – those shows were ones for the book. 


High Tone (FR) feat. Yehaiyahan – Oh Why

Legendary dub band from Lyon, France – High Tone – dropped their new album Time Has Come last month and to the delight of many were treated to a track featuring Yehaiyahan (formerly known as Chacha) whose star continues to rise – with both stints at the South By SouthWest Festival last week and her much-anticipated debut album (under her new moniker) due out this season.  No stranger to collaborating with the French (she’s worked with Kode 9 or M), she met the band during the band’s last tour in Shanghai and they hit it off. The accompanying video ain’t nothing to snuff at either – an punch drunk love neon-filled trek through the mountains and high-rises of China. The band was kind enough to translate the lyrics below.  

Lost in the maze of your weaving
Specious stories
Can not explain the meaning
You do not explain
You never explain
But you look into my eyes like completely blind
But I looked at your eyes
Like into the abyss

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