MV Weekly: Naohai, Mercader

Naohai 闹海 – 游泳

Shanghai rockers Naohai, known for their rugged indie rock that’s volatile, lean and filled with buoyant post-punk breakdowns, noise rock reverberations, and atmospheric post rock crescendos, are prepping the release of their new LP with Maybe Mars and they’ve shared a taste of it with the music video for their first single ‘游泳’. Like the track itself, there’s a rustic old school (i.e early 2000s) alchemy to the video which plays with film speeds, strobe lights night and inverted filters to capture the songs kinetic magnetism.

Mercader 梅卡德尔 – The Deserted Island of Argos 阿尔戈的荒岛 (Promo 概念片)

Guangzhou indie juggernauts Mercader whose guitar-heavy melodies, and crooning anthemic vocals bring to life their jarring mix of post punk, no wave, and indie rock (with a sneaking, gritty Canto-pop vibe lurking underneath that can turn on a dime) are returning with their third LP next month and they’ve released a promoi video to both revisit those seminal releases as well as break righteously through them. Love the reenactment of the band’s debut album cover and how it’s ‘used’ to create the band’s latest. This is a promo video done right.

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