MV Weekly: Muzzy Mum, Green Deer

Muzzy Mum 麻兹妈 – Buried 掩埋

Evoking the seminal 1989 avant-garde exhibition, which ‘canonized the conceptual and experimental art that had flourished throughout the 1980s’ in both content and mood, Muzzy Mum’s new single ‘ utilizes that watershed art exhibition’s symbol of the ‘no U-turn’ sign (symbolizing a refusal to turn back) and runs with it. Along with some atmospheric black and white cinematography, the song looks to capture the spirit of that time and comment on the carnivalesque nature of life.


Green Deer 青鹿 – Flying Object 飞行器

Ningbo’s Green Deer is poised to break out this year, hitting the road for an extensive tour of China to promote their debut Space Hysteria. And yeah – I can see the appeal – ample amounts of shoegaze-inflected post rock with heavy shades of math rock and emo – they’re pretty much checking off all the boxes of what’s hot in the indie world. To help this warm slice of nimble and wiry instrumental rock go down, did in into the accompanying music video for ‘Flying Object’. 


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