MV Weekly: Mosaic, Gao Jiafeng x Lows0n


Mosaic 马赛克 – Darling 霓虹甜心

Mosaic can no stranger to laying on the glitz and 80s gloss in their music, so it’s no surprise their new music video for ‘Darling’ is essentially a lovable and goofy ode to the look and aesthetics of 80s era Mandopop and Hong Kong film. There’s not much meat to the plot – it’s essentially the four members of the Chengdu-based indie pop band trying to win the heart of the enchanting waitress (in actuality, a Japanese student in Beijing the band met at a party) of the cafe. Over-the-top costumes, dance parties, and enough neon to burn your retina – it’s just about the most adorable thing.


Gao Jiafeng x Lows0n – Excessive Romance 过度浪漫

Chameleon Shanghai musician and prankster Gao Jiafeng – self-described as a ‘karaoke/alternative pop/comedy project’ is at it again. After crowdfunding money for his newest music video, the rapper tapped up and coming Xiamen rapper lows0n and headed down to the coastal city (the most economical in terms of distance and environment of course) and after four days of fried chicken and friends, he cooked up this lax and deliriously lo-fi video featuring their exploits and rumblings about town (and don’t worry every donor gets their due at the end).

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