MV Weekly: Michael Cignarale, Kenja Time

Michael Cignarale – She Takes Me Over

The Glitter Queen Diva of China’s Underground Scene, Michael Cignarale – Shanghai-based queer DJ, singer, and producer and founder of China’s largest underground queer party, MEDUSA – brings the party off of the dance floor and into our headphones with the release of their first single ‘She Takes Me Over’ off the forthcoming debut LP Operatic Orgasm. Inspired by the sounds of early club scenes of the 80’s and 90’s, the music video shines a spotlight on Shanghai’s budding drag scene and entices everyone to peep into their hidden ‘her’.

Kenja Time 空加太 – Sealed Container 窗格里的乐园

Beijing’s Kenja Time look to come out swinging this week as they prepare for the release of their debut LP with Maybe Mars. The young band lean into the softer more loose elements of post punk – injecting it with an intrepid almost post rock through-line that wrangles some truly titillating chord progressions that twist your ears into a knot of amusement. This is very much evident in their single ‘Sealed Container’ and its corresponding music video. It’s lo-fi, a bit tongue-in-cheek and captures the ramshackle yet jagged tones of the band’s sound.

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