MV Weekly: MaSiWei, The White Tulips


MaSiWei马思唯 – REFRESH

The most elaborate product placement song ever or just another day in the rap game – Masiwei of Higher Brothers brings his rumbuntcious flow and laid back attitude to the single ‘Refresh’ which finds our singer riding deep and enjoying the down time, as long a he can buy his dad a new watch come Chinese New Year. And a hell ton of Sprite product placement. Choice line: ‘Drink Sprite, feel so lit, but I still don’t smoke’. Well there’s goes the year of hip hop.


The White Tulips – Walkin’

Following the age old ‘Japan tour video’ formula, Xiamen’s The White Tulips, whose jangly sun-soaked noise pop has made garnered them quite the attention in the past room, show off their sexy little tour of Japan their embarked on last spring where they hit Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. With a few camera tricks here and there, a cameo or two, it’s as candid and charming as they come. A lo-fi travelogue that fits the bands sound perfectly.

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