MV Weekly: Lonely Leary, Royal As Purple


Lonely Leary 孤独的利里 – Stay Ugly 保持丑陋

Lonely Leary deftly captured the gritty chaos of their music on the manic lo-fi music video fro ‘Stay Ugly’. Shoot with a 35mm LomoKino in fragmented 3-5 second shots (coming out to forty boxes of film) that match with the frequent jagged guitar cuts, it’s essentially a stop motion animation of one young man’s drunken stumble home through the park. A tribute to the beautiful mess we can become.


Royal As Purple – Goodbye!Goodnight! 奔跑说再见!

Bask in the quirky lifestyle and fashion of American kids with Beijing indie rock outfit Royal As Purple and their indie pop anthem ‘Goodbye!Goodnight!’ which finds two hipper than hip kids roam around empty summer homes, diner, and roller rinks living out their inner child with one another – even if it’s just for one night. The most interesting thing is that the song has two versions – one in Chinese and one in English – a crafty move by singer Melvin Wong. (it also explains the poor lip syncing on the Chinese version).

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