MV Weekly: Lonely Cookies, The Bootlegs

Lonely Cookies 浪味仙贝 – Love Hospitality 爱的招待

Wuhan’s Lonely Cookies continues to impress with their endless bag of noise pop wonders with this color-soaked trip into the band’s latest single ‘Love Hospitality’ which explores the confounding insecurities and anxieties that belittle us all.  Or better yet, as the band explains in their analysis: 10% Girl Tears + 35% Boys Brain Plasma + 5% Unforgiving Perverted Selfish Personality  +40% Standing at the beginning and knowing the ending…and still choosing to go through it all. Whatever the case, what a fabulous spunky piece of pop art (Animation by Zhen Jiao)

The Bootlegs 靴腿 – 2014

Seemingly emerging out of nowhere, Qingdao’s The Bootlegs is a breathe of fresh air – a endearing jangly bit of lo-fi surf pop that hits all the right buttons. What started out as lead singer Zhao Hong’s personal bedroom at the mysterious No Future Club (also in Qingdao) has morphed into a debut album and a band rounded out by Zong Zhen and Da Chuan. The footage is actually from the former band’s time in the year 2014, which explains the name, and which probably explains why they look so much angrier. Whatever the case, might just be my favorite new jam. 

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