MV Weekly: Loft Beach, Deadly Cradle Death

Deadly Cradle Death 致命摇篮死 – Animal Thing

An antagonistic assault on the senses that gloriously veers off into the deep end and revels in the trenches of lo-fi hip-hop‭, ‬dancehall‭, ‬and no wave music – Deadly Cradle Death revel in their wildly mischievous sound on ‘Animal Thing’ and they’ve find the perfect animator to match their tense twisted alien pop music ‭with Zheng Dong – who also is known as the frontman of psych noise rockers Backspace (who are also under Maybe Mars) . Dig it. ‬‬‬

Loft Beach – Take Me Away

Shanghai’s Loft Beach – who float charismatically between surf pop nostalgia, sun-soaked city pop grooves, and good ol’ fashion Oasis-aping Britpop released the new music video for their standout track ‘Take Me Away’ – a giddy piece of youthful indie pop bliss. And what better setting than the gorgeous coast and the carefree wilderness that borders it. Catch the band on tour these next couple months.

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