MV Weekly: Lil Akin x Visudy, South Acid Mimi

Lil Akin 阿克江x Visudy – If 如果

Using motion capture technology throughout, R&B singing sensation Lil Akin and producer Visudy render bittersweet memories of a past relationship into a hazy three-dimensional daydream. Transforming artistic scene design and character interactions into three-dimensional images, the recollections of beauty and broken heartbeats blur into an ever-changing painting of light and shadow, overlapping the images of two people once in love. Dope tech. Dope video.

South Acid Mimi南方酸性咪咪 – Original Soul

Channel R outta Datese Studios kicked off their latest series entitled ‘I Only Plug In’ which places artists in a tailor made ‘music cube’ which has all sorts of bells and whistles. For their second episode they invited eccentric live electronic trio South Acid Mimi Dance Team out of Kunming for a rendition of their single ‘Original Soul’. It is a pretty cool looking cube. And it’s probably just sitting there. So why not use it. Curious to see what other shenanigans take place in the cube.  

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