MV Weekly: Life Awaits, eitisga , God of Henan Rap

eitisga 一天世界 – Great Moon Hoax 月球骗局

Beijing instrumental groove stirrers eitisga – fresh off the release of their debut EP – with SpaceFruity Records – bring forth their latest music video for the track ‘Great Moon Hoax. Courtesy of eitisga guitarist (as well as known independent director/photographer) Wang Haonan and animation director Cassie Shao – it’s a fun riff on the myth of the fabricated moon landing – as well as the notion of ‘having the entire universe in your pocket’. A great melding of styles that captures the song’s rhythmic pleasures and shifts perfectly.

Life Awaits – Butterflies

Beijing melodic hardcore band Life Awaits – known for delivering one sonic catharsis after another via earnest, gut-wrenching vocals, guitar-darting breakdowns, and tranquil, synth-laden waves of ambience return with a new music video for single ‘Butterflies’. Exploring the anatomy of butterflies and humans – how they are entwined – and the perverse ways we try to shape those around us. It’s that later idea where the video veers into Silence of the Lambs territory – with darkened laboratories, dreamlike visions of horror and nefarious surgeries being conducted. Expertly crafted.

The God of Henan Rap 河南说唱之神 – Factory 工厂

Blue-collar emo rap that cuts deep – you may not be a fan of the rap stylings of Henan rapper 河南说唱之神 but there’s no denying its potent message – “I don’t love this place. I was just born here.” Set against the backdrop of rural China and the communities built around factories, it tackles many’s desperate pleas to escape the lower class and avoid following the footsteps left by their families. A much-welcomed relief from the glossier more vapid rappers from about China, it’s clear The God of Henan Rap has struck a chord.

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