MV Weekly: Last Goodbye, Life Awaits

Last Goodbye – Demon 

Beijing’s Last Goodbye play into the idea that ‘life is an illusion’ with the malice-stricken ‘Demon’ – whose music video finds the paranoid protagonist evading a malevolence character through warehouses and fields before eventually the inevitable happens. He kills the demon which turns out to only be an extension of himself. The encroaching rhythmic pulse and somber vocals nicely complements the tension and the circular motion of the story. For those would have trouble containing their dark side. 

Life Awaits – Better Now

Metalcore outfit Life Awaits, out of Beijing, has been making waves over the last couple of years – gaining traction both inside and outside of China (they recently played at a festival in Bangkok). As they tease the release of their sophomore album, the band dropped a music video for their single ‘Better Now’ and it has already racked up over twenty thousand views on Youtube. Killer guitar riffs, gut-wrenching vocals on top of some stellar dolly tracks, locations and a strange and fascinating character that feels like a mix of Star Wars and Blade Runner (or simply someone with a see-through Discman for a head).

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