MV Weekly: Kafe Hu, Queen Sea Big Shark, Zhege


It\’s August folks – time for last minute vacations, time for rained out festivals, time for slews of new releases and bands trying to make as much noise before the leaves change color. And what better way to welcome the month as some eye candy. Here\’s the latest music videos to hit the interwebz including a funktastic black and white freakout courtesy of Chengdu-based rapper Kafe Hu, a celebration of inebriated nights on the town from Beijing-based outfit Zhege, and a epic, globe trotting MV from indie rock faves Queen Sea Big Shark.

Shot over several months in various locations around China, Beijing indie rock outfit Queen Sea Big Shark, goes epic on their latest music video for \’Time Between\’ off their pop heavy release Wild Heart. Using the basic theme of time and cross cutting between six different couples in various Chinese locations – from the city to the seaside – the MV easily pulls some emotional strings while boosting some beautiful cinematography. There\’s different some interpreting to be done, but it\’s hard not to get wrapped up in Fu Han\’s romanticizing and the visuals. Aces.

Chengdu based rapper Kafe Hu, has been slowly building quite the reputation with his brassy brand of hip hop that feels vital and retro all at once. Fresh off the release of his debut LP, 27: Code of Lucifer, the rapper dropped this smoking hot music video for the album\’s first single, \’21st Century Schizoid Man\’, produced by none other than Soulspeak. It\’s a hypnotic blend of black and white portraits and of Kafe Hu surrounded by live mannequins. Dope stuff.

\’Merging various styles to create almost satirical music that is somewhere between R&B, Rock and Britpop\’, the Beijing based supergroup Zhege bring their eclectic (and elastic) taste and styles to their latest MV \’This is a Song for You to Dance To\’, a saucy, upbeat, celebratory jam that would work great as a Friday night pregamer (or post gamer). And while there is a wink of irony and self mockery (the song invokes both the good and bad memories of being a Sanlitun brat), for the most part, it\’s having too much too care either way. Keep an eye out for Zhege\’s debut release Easternisation, due out in August.

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