MV Weekly: Junks, Miserable Faith


Junks – Everybody’s Movin

One of the many surprises at this year’s Strawberry Festival was the retro 80s bombast of the Hangzhou based outfit Junks. Their synth pop was simply put – a heck ton of fun – and they translate that sprightly sensibility in their new music video for their single ‘Everybody’s Movin’, off their forthcoming album. Following the spirited pep of its protagonist as she treks through Shanghai in her rose-tinted glasses, she inevitably makes her way to the band’s show where her neon-lit daydreams become reality. Good fun.


Miserable Faith 痛仰乐队 – Dance Stone Into Gold 点石成金

One of the most influential and longstanding rock bands in China, Miserable Faith, continue subverting their originally metal-tinged sound with more organic earthly sounds on their latest single ‘Dance Stone Into Gold’. The band, now signed to Modern Sky, give their reggae-infused anthem (recorded in Abbey Road Studio in London) the music video treatment – a layered, multi-angle, motif heavy piece that provides some nice imagery to match its rich lyrics.

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