MV Weekly: Jo’s Moving Day, SHIFT/CTRL

Jo’s Moving Day 乔迁日 – Amber 琥珀

Jo’s Moving Day bring their ‘richly imaginative, instrumentally lush shoegaze release’ to life on the music video for their single Amber. The Guangzhou supergroup, which features members of Cheesemind, Yellow Light Garage, yourboyfriendsucks!, and Pocari Sweet, are fresh off their debut, and the music video is equally lush with its visuals – using amber as a metaphor for the choice between eternity and freedom (you might wanna brush up on your Norse mythology) – envisioning a girl who refuses to be enclosed in said “eternity”.


Shanghai based rock-n-bass trio SHIFT/CTRL – a heavy heady mix of prog rock, punk, funk, grunge and metal – get into the holiday spirit on that slick new MV for their single ‘The Hunt’. Shot in one of Shanghai’s numerous underground bomb shelters and starring a handful of undead ghouls, it uses the bare minimal – makeup, staging, lightning – for maximum effect, giving the track’s volatile energy its visual equivalent.

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