MV Weekly: Incentive Dry, LATENINE6, GUJI

Incentive Dry 干诱因 – Noonday Demon

Incentive Dry from Beijing, a fever dream of brooding alt rock, experimental electronica, bookish post punk, theatrical cold wave, and then some paints a dystopian future in their MV for single ‘Noonday Demon’. Like a steampunk version of A Clockwork Orange, the video directed in stark black and white by Wang Haonan follows our protagonist, who lives and seemingly works via a special contraption that blurs reality and dreams – a blur of subconscious memories and embedded images turning our human vessels into mindless drones. Great stuff.

LATENINE6 雷玖陆 – Special Guest 特别来宾

Shanghai-based rapper LATENINE6 brings his conceptual LP – the bubbly and genre-shifting THE LATENIGHT SHOW – to visual life on his latest music video – ‘Special Guest’. Centered around an interview talk show – the video features our protagonist Lei Jiulu aka LATENINE6 switching between host and various personalities including an Oscar winner, a rock star, a freelance writer, and social elites – an interview essentially with oneself. Like the rapper’s modest yet spirited flow, it’s a fun little video cleverly put together.

GUJI – Mao Suit

Guji, a synth pop project cooked up Shanghai’s most devious characters, evoke a spirit of punk and new wave at its campy best – a playful, sardonic, and mischievous neon-caked sound that takes the framework of acts such as Devo and B-52s, injecting it with dual harmonies, and retro drum machines that time travel you back to the 80s. Their music videos are always a masterclass in DIY attitude, satirical bite and pop aplomb – and ‘Mao Suit’ is no different. You better believe this baby ain’t allowed here in China.

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