MV Weekly: Howie Lee x Teom Chen, Steely Heart

Howie Lee x Teom Chen – Tomorrow Can Not Be Waited 明日不可待 

Howie Lee enters once again into his synthetic parallel universe for his track ‘Tomorrow Can Not Be Waited’ where he teams up with Taipei ‘simulation artist’ Teom Chen and go full-on Tron – transporting themselves into a virtual reality wonderland that’s uncanny and frighteningly all too close to reality, that Josh Feola of Radii China perfectly encapsulates as a “metaphysically overloaded visual feat, which feeds old ideas about reincarnation and the afterlife into a new framework befitting an age of impending Singularity’. CGI avatars, Kung Fu Hustle bodies piling up, and zombie doppelgängers – it’s a Chinese Opera authored by android clones. And the stuff of nightmares. 

Steely Heart 钢心乐队 – Champion 冠军

Four years after Beijing electro rock stalwarts Steely Heart, known for their surly, anthemic and incredibly catchy tunes, released their single ‘Champion’, they drop the official music video. Directed by photographer Wang Hanfu and Steely Heart singer Said Li, the video finds four diverse characters –  actors, artists, dancers, and then some – laying it all bare – expressing themselves candidly to the camera before the band joins in. Simple, effective, and shot with a clear eye, it lets the band’s uplifting lyrics take center stage, enabling the protagonists to find strength and courage and extend it outwards to viewers like us. Mission accomplished. 

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