MV Weekly: Howie Lee, Spill Your Guts

Howie Lee – Dry Prayers, No Echoes 干祈祷,无回声

Cutting edge electronic producer Howie Lee, whose 2017 EP Homeless was a taut, frenzied exploration of our past, futures, and jumbled present was one of last year’s best, is at it again with a new EP entitled ‘Natural Disaster’ dropping next week. As an appetiser, Do Hits!, the label co-founded by Howie Lee dropped this terrifying single and music video for ‘Dry Prayers, No Echoes’ which envisions a all too real and probable ‘natural disaster’ right at our doorstep. The added captions for each of the military vehicles and weaponry  which for anyone who grew up with games such as Counter Strike, adds a whole other otherworldly satirical layer of terror to it all. 

Spill Your Guts – Get Impaled 

Lean and enraged Shanghai hardcore band Spill Your Guts – a blistering mixture of thundering drums, savage screams, and metal worthy guitar riffs’, bring their ‘tsunami of aggression and hell bent rage’ to their latest music video ‘Get Impaled’ – featuring footage from their recent trek across Russia “featuring riot police, mosh pits, vodka, the trans Siberian, and all of that Northern beauty.” Looks of failing arms, air punching, and more hardcore hijinks ensue. Looks like a riot. 

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