MV Weekly: Hoo!, Round Eye

Hoo! – BAKA

Guangzhou indie rockers Hoo!, fresh off of the release of their stellar debut LP aren’t done kicking butt quite yet as they release the music video for the track ‘BAKA’. Following our protagonist with multiple personalities who grab hold of scriptures before reconverting. Essentially a race around the city as we come across characters and mischievous beings of all ilk. The frantic pace and editing style fits the song’s infectious hooks perfectly. 

广州独立摇滚人Hoo!, 他们刚刚发布了出色的首张全长唱片,同时发布了歌曲《BAKA》的音乐录影。跟随着拥有多重人格的主角,手握秘籍,这本质上是一场围绕城市的赛跑,因为我们遇到了各式各样的人物和淘气的角色。疯狂的节奏和编辑风格完美地契合了歌曲的感染力。

Round Eye – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Long-standing eccentric Shanghai punk rock act Round Eye, known for their riotous sax-wielding, doo-wop infused brand of rock, dropped their newest album Culture Shock Treatment earlier this month (produced by none other than Mike Watt and Bill Stevenson). As per usual, the band has assembled some ridiculously hilarious music videos to accompany the mayhem. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner is everything you’d expect and more – an all-too-familiar, baijiu-fueled fever dream featuring some of Shanghai’s most kooky characters. 

上海朋克摇滚乐队Round Eye以疯狂的sax-wielding,注入了doo-wop的摇滚风格而闻名。本月早些时候,他们发布了最新专辑《Culture Shock Treatment》(制作人正是迈克·瓦特(Mike Watt)和比尔·史蒂文森(Bill Stevenson))。像往常一样,乐队制作了一些滑稽可笑的音乐视频来配合这场狂欢。《Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner》值得你所有的期待,甚至更多。这是一场再熟悉不过的,以上海一些最古怪人物为主角的狂热的梦。

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