MV Weekly: Guiguisuisui, Rolling Bowling, Bian Yuan


It’s another installment of ‘MV Weekly’ where we take a look at the latest moving pictures contribution to the music scene here in China. We’ve got a diverse batch of music videos to feast upon including the most nightmarish shopping channel ever courtesy of Guiguisuisui, a global trotting video for rockabilly kings Rolling Bowling’s latest, and a Smiths cover from Joyside alum Bian Yuan.

Off of the forthcoming Wu Xing EP, due out later this summer, comes the latest trip from the twisted, genre-bending, often masked duo Guiguisuisui. Like a warped version of the shopping channel (or what I’d imagine what they would look like if I wore the sunglasses from They Live), ‘Low Interest Salvation’ takes a stab at neoliberalism. ‘Lord Kamemameha and Lady Chakra would like to invite you into the church of neoliberialism, for even though the world will burn salvation awaits in the form of a healthy credit rating.’ For a music video so gloriously batshit crazy, there are some deep musings behind the green screen.

Since signing to the behemoth label that is Modern Sky, rockabilly trio Rolling Bowling, a favorite on the scene has been seldom seen. And I suppose with the release of their latest music video, for the single ‘His Wife Was Not At Home’ might explain why. The band has been hitting the road hard, most notably in Europe, and from the looks of it, it was a blast. Compiled from their 2015 tour, it’s a breezy, personal look at the band hitting it big and testing the limits of their appeal. Check out the band’s newest release ‘Love, Not Tomorrow’ – their first with Modern Sky.

Bian Yuan is no stranger to covers. The former singer of Joyside has a history of playing the greats – from Leonard Cohen to Jim Morrison – and now he can add The Smiths to the list with his latest melancholy-drenched cover for their song ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. I wanna give kudos to whatever animal Bian Yuan is wearing on his head, but the real star here is skilled pianist Yanlo – a regular on the scene – who’s work here is sublime.

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