MV Weekly: Guan Xiaotian, DBZ

GuanXiaotian管啸天 – 上上个星期我就读了你的信(生日歌)

Described as a freakish chamber pop music along the lines of Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, Shanghai-based Dirty Fingers frontman Guan Xiaotian gave listeners a view into his beautifully twisted psyche on his solo debut. The accompanying music video is simple but effective it’s avant-garde bent, reminding me of something that Zuoxiao Zuzhou who have put out a decade or so ago. 

DBZ (feat. 杨海崧) -Waves 潮水冲垮房间

Nanjing based hip-hop singer DaBozz emerged as a force to be reckoned earlier this year with the release of her latest LP, 解冻期, under her new moniker DBZ. A haunting, self-reflective rhythmically captivating piece of art that lingers long after, one of the standout tracks on that album is a song with none other than post punk godfather Yang Haisong (who cut his teeth first in Nanjing). Great art direction.

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