MV Weekly: GriffO, The Fallacy, Tulegur

Math rock embodied with angles and colors! Dead Irish poets getting the post punk treatment! Mongolian grunge to save to world!? We certainly have a lively bunch here today with our latest music video installment featuring fresh MVs from Hangzhou’s GriffO, Xinxiang’s The Fallacy, and Beijing’s Tulegur.

One of this year’s breakout bands were the Hangzohu based GriffO, who just last month released the intoxicating buoyant math rock infused EP Cosmos Egg – and like any wise but on the brink of reaching a much wider audience, they\’ve got an accompanying music video to go with their song ‘Afflatus’. Basic set-up. Killer execution. A lot of the credit’s got to go to the costume design and set design (which I’ll say includes the lighting) – sleek, vibrant, and fits the song like a glove. Quite excited to see what GirffO is able to pull off in the next year – have a good feeling about these kids.

Dutch angles! Eye-popping over saturated colors! And a toy mac truck?! Not really sure what’s going on in the Xinxiang post punk trio’s latest music video but definitely something. The Fallacy released their latest single ‘Hush-A-Bye’ a couple weeks back and if you didn\’t know it’s based off the work of famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats – the lines ‘Cast a cold eye/ On life, on death/ Horseman, pass by’ even engraved on the poet’s tombstone. So yeah – the original post punk. Dig the shout out – now whether or not the video (or song) does the poet any justice – that’s another story.

Tulegur, a modern nomad group, rooted in traditional tunes of Inner Mongolia and influenced by rock music has been honing their sound for years – a lush mixture of traditional music, rock, throat singing (Khoomei) and Mongolian and Chinese folk that the now duo refers to as ‘nomad rock’ and ‘Mongolian grunge’. The duo got an early start on the new year by releasing this sexy new single entitled ‘The River’ which features of course shots of the vast grasslands alongside shots of the band performing and posing in epically in black and white. Not too shabby.

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