MV Weekly: GriffO, Mr. Asbo x Soundscape

GriffO 鬼否 – Tamagotchi 拓麻歌子

GriffO is full on Japanese math pop mode on their latest single  off their forthcoming 2019 release NEO ENIAC, the bubbly and kinetic Tamagotchi – named after none other than the digital pet which invaded the psyche of our generation in 1996. From the old-fashioned icons to that god damn “LOADING” font – it’s a nostalgic head trip back to an era were computers were still getting their shit together and a people were getting seriously emotional about taking care of their digital pet. Rough times. 

Mr. Asbo & Soundscape – Chocolate Lullaby

The process of melting in the mouth not only stimulates hormones, but also anesthesia. Mr. Asbo, once again working with maverick producer Soulspeak, brings that luscious chocolate-flavored anesthetic to their latest music video Chocolate Lullaby. Shot by Israeli macro-video artist Ben Ouaniche and his team Macro Room – they get down to business exploring the various facets of chocolate – from mixing it, deteriorating it, and in the end reconstructing it before our very eyes. Chocolate has never been sexier. 

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