MV Weekly: GG Long Xia/Caslean/thetearsofaether

GG龙虾 – 斑蝶 Stain(ft. Kyra Zilver)

GG Long Xia – ‘the unruly boy from Hangzhou’ brings his kinetic, buoyant, and bombastic blend of autotuned cloud rap, meme-stunted pop music, and internet-deconstructed electronica to life on his latest music video for STAIN. It’s essentially a gaudy anarchist take on Pokemon and I’m about it!

Caslean – Sweet Adventure (Munir’s Remix)

London-based Chinese ‘indie-bubblegum-synth pop star’ Caslean has garnered fans both in and out of China for her sincere yet buoyant synth pop with Jinhua-based label 1asia even releasing a remix EP for the track ‘Sweet Adventure’. One of the remixes, courtesy of Indonesia producer Munir, gets a fun lo-fi music video shot by Korean American filmmaker Aaron Choe, and compiled mostly of the artist’s recent China tour.

thetearsofaether – Lily’s Tears Drop

Shenzhen based act thetearsofaether, who dig deep into the underbelly of emo and shoegaze, prep their forthcoming album with two new singles – ‘Devils Kisses’ and ‘Lily’s Tears Drop’. The band’s creator C0LDWINE also put together the above lyric MV for the latter track – basing it around a story/dairy of a teenage girl who kills herself step by step. Emo as all hell.

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