MV Weekly: Gatsby in a Daze, HOO!

Gatsby in a Daze – Maoten

Hangzhou’s Gatsby in a Daze dig into their labyrinthian psychedelic sound with a multi-verse opus of music videos that weave together the stories of four girls who meet at a live house, each internally on their own emotional trip (with the guide of drugs and booze of course). It’s sprawling, lucid, and lushly shoot – capturing quite nicely the humid sun-baked appeal of the city and the effects of psychedelics on one’s psyche. Check out the rest of their videos, as well as a brief chat with the filmmakers here.

Gatsby in a Daze,素有美名晕盖。这支来自杭州的乐队,用音乐探寻着迷离的幻境,在这支多维空间构成的音乐录音带中,四个女孩在一家音乐酒吧相遇的故事被巧妙地编织在了一起,每个女孩都在自己的情感之旅中(借由烟草和酒精的作用)。那缓慢推移的镜头捕捉着阳光炙烤下温热潮湿的都市,以及烟雾缭绕中暧昧性感的吸引。点击观赏完整的作品(以及电影制作人的简短访谈)

Hoo! – Ramble 漫步

One of last year’s best finds was Guangzhou’s Hoo! – a mischievous and delightful indie rock outfit whose youthful vigor is colored in shades of city pop and scrappy alternative rock. Since they started making waves, the band has since signed on with Merrie Records and have been teasing audiences with new singles every few months. Including this gem ’Ramble’ which gets the lo-fi home (music) video treatment here. And not a more timely chorus line. 


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